Storm Mountain Coffee Roasters was officially founded in 2003, just outside Steamboat Springs, CO, in the old ski community of Stagecoach. Mountains, aspens, columbines, and lupines surrounded our first location—our home kitchen. Our big dog, Flash, kept watch over us and the roaster from the local fox, mountain lion, and black bears, and our daughter was only one as she watched with interest while we practiced roasting on our sample roaster. Our company name is the pioneer-given name of the mountain that boasts the Steamboat ski area where our young family spent quality time together.

The Seed

We packed up the family and toured some West Coast roasteries to learn as much as we could about the coffee industry and roasting process. Along the way we surfed with friends. The roasteries were happy to share their knowledge, and we loved the brotherhood we felt throughout the industry. We then travelled to a roasting school to learn the magic. Through people we knew, we were able to perfect our craft and find the best plantations to form relationships with—relationships we maintain today. These plantations exemplify organic farming practices and good humanitarian ways.

Our Roots

By 2003, we moved to a commercial location. We started marketing organically, providing coffee at ski races and winter festivals. For those events, we began brewing our coffee at 4:00am to get the first batch to the race crew and coaching staffs by 6:30am. We faced some of the coldest days of winter but served our coffee to thousands of people from our tent and gained brand recognition. Many thanks to race announcer and friend, “Pepperoni,” who would announce our name over the loud speakers whenever we would take him our hot coffee and chocolate covered espresso beans!  We think of these times as our roots.

Industry Improvements

As our business and experience grew over the years, we noticed some ways the industry could be improved. One was the use of natural spices and flavors, and another was better commercial brewing equipment. To bring these things to the market, we moved on to the next phase of our growth and relocated to the Great Lakes region of Ohio in 2011. The move put us closer to more clientele and shipping ports, and placed us in the middle of the manufacturing belt which better enabled us to improve the industry we had come to love.

Customer Collaboration

As a wholesale company, we are experts at helping our customers grow their businesses with the newest trends and best coffee. We can provide assistance with kitchen design, menu creation, drink build training, and equipment suggestions. Storm Mountain Coffee Roasters keeps close to you to make sure you see success.

We also offer at-home coffee through our website. This keeps us closer to customer comments so we can benefit from direct feedback.

This Is Just the Beginning… The Blossom

The next couple of years will be an exciting time for Storm Mountain Coffee Roasters as we launch new products to enhance your coffee experience at home and out on the town. Stay tuned. This is just the beginning!

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