We will be launching something revolutionary in September of this year. The path has been long, but it has also been a deeply enriching journey.

When we started our business, we thought we only needed a roasting machine and some beans. For roasting, that really IS all we needed. As we developed as coffee professionals, we became frustrated with the lack of commercial brewing equipment that met our high standards. We could not find one piece of high volume equipment that could present our coffee out to the world the way we tasted it during our daily quality testing. After many years, we have developed the machine that has addressed all of the problems we could think of. It saves energy; it maintains the natural oils of the coffee yet cleans the oils residual residue from the internal surfaces. The coffee it produces is true to cupping standards. The flavor profiles are deep and the texture of the coffee is comforting. The volume it yields is equivalent to the commercial drip brewers already in coffee venues around the world. All of this, and it looks like a piece of art.

Real Spice Flavoring

Storm Mountain has developed a healthier version of the sweet, artificially flavored coffees that many roasters and cafés offer which can sometimes contain 25% or more of your recommended daily caloric, carbohydrate, and fat intake, while most of our recipes contain around only 5% of those values. Our flavors are reminiscent of the spice trade during the time coffee was discovered. We have gone back in history to offer you coffee drinks that you do not need to feel guilty about. These natural spices contain micronutrients that don’t appear on the USDA nutrition charts, but do contribute to a complete diet.  We don’t claim that they heal you of any illnesses or diseases, but they are a much healthier choice than some of those drinks out there. Our suggestion, however, drink Storm Mountain Coffee BLACK! You may discover how smooth and flavorful it is on its own!

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